Sunny Leone Pornstar Ranking: #1

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Sunny Leone

A Canadian native, Sunny Leone was born in Sarnia in 1981. She didn't begin her work in the adult film industry until twenty years later in 2001, when she was featured in Penthouse (and again two years later), which led her down the wicked road to video work. In 2005 she went into adult film and quickly found herself on top of the business, creating over sixty films for her own production company 'Sun Lust Pictures'. In 2011 she appeared in the Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss, where she was scouted to appear in an erotic thriller by Mahesh Bhatt. She has since worked heavily in the Indian adult industry, and as of 2016 she had appeared in over 20 Indian films with more on the horizon.

  • Date of Birth: 13-05-1981
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Twitter:@SunnyLeone